The history of the association and the process of acquiring and developing the site was documented in a final report to the Climate Challenge Fund in March 2011 (see elsewhere on this website).

The association was founded in 2006 and after many years’ of hard work received planning permission for a site at the edge of Baird Park in Stonehaven sufficient for 35 allotment plots.  This land is leased from Aberdeenshire Council and the site itself is managed by the Stonehaven Allotment Association (SAA).  The plots are about half the recognised size for a full allotment, each being around 90 sq.m.

The lease was signed in November 2010, all 35 plots were allocated at a special meeting of the members in February 2011 and, after battling with inclement weather, we were finally able to begin working the ground about Easter 2011. The water distribution system was laid but not connected to the main, that needed a mole to get the pipe under the road (that happened in June) and sheds, water butts and composters had been delivered but not erected.   The first few weeks were a whirlwind of putting up sheds and rainwater systems, digging the land and planting the first crops - tatties and much else for the first year. Although an analysis of the soil suggested that it was low in nutrients and too acid, plant growth was prolific and few failures were experienced. So much for the books!

Things are now going well at the site and our membership has expanded so that in addition to those members who are sharing a Baird Park plot with a partner or other household member, we now (August 2012) have about 15 households on the waiting lift.

The search for more land to develop a second site is underway and we would welcome the views of anyone who has ideas about the location of suitable land for development.   SAA will seek funds and undertake development with a view to managing the new site along with the existing Baird Park site, currently held on a 25-year renewable lease

The Benefits Of An Allotment

Allotments are an excellent way of:-

Overview of Stonehaven Allotment Association


Annual membership is £10, for this you can take advantage of the following benefits:- 

   Attend our meetings

   Receive mailings

   Take a place on our waiting list

   Take advantage of our membership of Scottish Allotment and Gardens Society (SAGS)

   Take advantage of discounts which the  Association is able to negotiate on behalf of      Members

Annual Plot Rental 2013


The Plots

All plots are similarly sized. Each is provided with a 6X4ft shed, composter and rainwater butt. Three mains water taps are located equispaced along the site.


Stonehaven Allotment Association

Bringing Allotments To Stonehaven


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